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I got tagged by this lovely authoress (go read her stuff) and this is actually my second time doing this tag;; phhh. The questions do change every single time someone is tagged though, so it is different though. Besides these are kinda fun. 

The Rules:

1. Each person has to share 5 things about them
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 question the people you tag will have to answer
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
4. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
5. You have to tag legitimately 10 people
6. No tag-backs

The Inquiries

1. If you could travel to one place right now, where would it be? Why?

   I'm gonna answer this two times because there are two ways that I read this question. First, if we're talking about international travel (the normal plane ticket come back home after a while) it would have to be Japan. It's a tiny little country and you can do so many things and visit so many regions of it. That was like to most weeboo reply I could have done, but still. Or maybe Greifswald, Germany because a certain little nerd of a friend lives there and I visited her during an exchange program and I really enjoyed myself. But-- only if I improve my German because I felt like an idiot staying there haha. Second, if we're talking about anywhere, anytime, no matter what, I wanna go to the future. Mostly because I think it'd be interesting how the world improved. Yes, I do in fact believe that the world will slowly improve because despite the hollywood film industry's belief, humanity so far has had a track record of having things slowly improve over time. (this was a really long answer. oops.)

2. Your favourite historical figure? If you don't have one, then do you have someone you admire?

   I'm not going to lie here. In my history class, things were very fast-paced and I didn't really have enough time to form my own opinions on them which was a little bit of a shame. Although, I did think that Catherine the Great was kinda a little badass because she presumedly murdered her husband for power. Though, it's not really an intense liking, it was more of a thing that stuck out in class.

3. Do you like getting all the attention?

  I'm really bad a taking compliment, so getting praised by a bunch of people in person is a little bit too much for me and I'd probably be more anxious. Although, that isn't to say I don't like getting recognition for things. It's a little weird to explain. Although, no. I don't really like getting all the attention. 

4. How did you meet your best friend? Tell me a brief story about it!

  Oh goodness. You know. I don't really know if I have a best friend, because I feel like the other person would also have to agree to the title and you in turn be their best friend. Although I'll just tell you what happened with the person who was closest to me. We were in 9th Year English and she happened to comment on a Doctor Who shirt I was wearing that day and we talked about what other shows we watched and then sometimes we met up for movies and had a lot of fun. She's nice to hang out with. 

5. 10 years from now, what do you think your life would be like?
  I don't know. I hope that I'll be employed in a job that I actually like, maybe living in a different area than I am in now, enjoying life. That's really what I mostly hope for, I want to enjoy the things I do in life and generally be happy. 

6. What was the first fandom you joined? What was it like?

    Jesus. Uuuh. I think the first "fandom", would have to be Shugo Chara? It was when I made my first internet friend TheGreatMarlo (who's account is terminated and I no longer have contact with-- sadly.), I made chatroom videos on youtube, did dumb little mahou shoujo transformation animations, read fanfiction. Although, my grades went down from the major involvement and I ended up developing bad studying habits in the 6th grade which to this say still haunt me. Don't lack in your studies children. Not to say I did terribly. It was just the first time I ever got a C. Though, I don't really think I'd change what happened. In the end, I found something I really enjoyed and it inspired my love for art. 

7. Do you think you'd live a happy life if you were to be immortal?

  Aaaah. This is really hard because I have an intense fear of the afterlife. Maybe. I mean it'll seriously suck to make attachments to people and it'll be depressing when they die no doubt, but if I had to then I would have to deal with it right? Wallowing in self-sorrow really isn't going to do anything. Besides, that gives me plenty of time to do all the things I would like to do in life, plus more. The possiblities would be endless! Maybe i'm focusing on the positives a little too much--;;. I dunno. I would try to be happy. 

8. What's your favourite word? 


9. Who are your top ten fictional characters?

  Crap. Uh;;; This changes a lot but right now I guess--

     1) Edward Tulane (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane)
     2) Rin Matsuoka (Free!)
     3) Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)
     4) Sagawura (Haikyuu!!)
     5) Haru (Tsuritama!)
     6) Sherry Stue (The Fanseries by MidusWolf or BFTLandMWandSEK )
     7) Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (The Cat Returns fun-fact I had the biggest little girl crush on him shhh. )
     8) Takane Enomoto (Mekaku City Actors)
     9) Harold the Peacock ( belongs to Japhers
     10) Paolma ( belongs to Larkles )
     11) Lark Lewis ( belongs to RitzyCrackers he needed to be mentioned so I broke the rules )

10. Imagine if you were in a world where 'love' was considered as a deadly disease, or something that was illegal. And then, all of a sudden, you fall in love with someone. Would you break the laws just for that certain someone? Why?

    Oh sweet Joseph. I'm a pretty big whimp, so chances were I wouldn't. I guess it would really depend on the forces around me. Like maybe if there were some people fighting the government saying that what they were doing was inhumane and someone really revved up the cause, maybe. But, I don't know. I'm gonna go with no. I'm sorry my love. 

I don't even KNOW ten people on here to tag so I'm just going to tag these two dorks; RitzyCrackers, noeyebrownoiz.; anyone else who wants to answer the rest of the questions is welcome!! Just let me know I wanna read your responses!!

My Questions: 
1) You're stuck inside the last video game that you played and are now the main protagonist. What have you gotten yourself into, and how do you think you'd fare?
2) You have the ability to manifest any ONE thing or idea into the universe. It can be a dragon, money, a character, anything. What would it be?
3) What superpower ability would you like to be able to have?
4) Would you like to lived a lavished life living in a single place, or be able to travel the world freely even though you just have enough money to survive and then some?
5) Congratulations! You get to have your own movie! What's it about? 
6) What two fictional universes would you like to mingle in a TV series, movie, or book? Please tell, and what do you think would take place?
7) What's your favorite flavor of cake?
8) Dumbest thing you think anyone has ever said to you?
9) If you have to lose on of your 5 senses, which one do you think you'd be willing to part with?
10) Who do you admire most in the world? 

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